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Bring the flexibility and modularity of your parts department directly to your service floor! Rack International Workcenter is a cutting edge combination of tool and equipment storage, overhead storage, technical benching, computer cabinets, hydraulic lift controls, hose reel storage, and more. Workcenters are available in a number of popular preconfigured models or can be custom-configured to your exact specifications. 

Whether your primary requirement is tool storage, bulk storage, or under-bench hose or cord applications, the Automotive Technician’s Center can accommodate all of your needs in one modular layout.

  • Large Drawer Applications: Fewer drawers to open, less time spent looking
  • Drawer Configurations: Choose from nine preconfigured “Loading Diagrams,” or custom-create your own
  • Variety of Drawer Heights: Label-ready for quick identification and retrieval
  • 200-lb. Capacity Drawers: For all your storage requirement needs
  • Full Drawer Extension: Maximum content visibility
  • Adjustable Drawer Slides: Adjust pull force from 0 to 12 lbs
  • Wall-Mount or Freestanding Systems: Flexibility for all applications
  • Oversized Tool Area Behind Angled Drawer Front: Perfect for long-handle tools
  • Flush Front Panels/Recessed Drawer Pulls: Prevent injury and clothing snags!
  • Full-Width Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer Pulls: Operate even with gloves on
  • Adjustable Shelving: Maximize your space
  • Top Drawer Lock: Separate lock for your most used drawer
  • Durable Paint Finish: Your choice of ten standard powder coatings (custom colors also available)

Limitless Workcenter Configuration Options
The images below represent just two of the unlimited ways you can configure your workcenter. When it comes to your custom workcenter, you choose your cabinets, workstations, drawers, work surfaces, end caps, storage options (hose, reel, etc.), and whatever else you need for your setup.