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Standard Drawers

Rack International standard drawers provide infinite configurability, unparalleled durability and versatility. Our drawers have more than enough muscle to hold up to 400lbs. each, and are built with variable configurations from 3 inches high to 13 inches high, from one interior compartment to 60 interior compartments; Rack’s drawers will meet any storage need.

Pre-built and preconfigured cabinets are ready for shipment to your facility now. If you need custom solutions we can configure your cabinets from scratch. Pick the drawer layouts you need and well will build it.

Drawers are available in 15 heights. They can be mixed and matched within each cabinet, the depths and widths will be determined based on the size of your cabinet housing.

Drawer accessory options include:

  • Partition and divider combinations for tools and parts of all sizes
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Plastic bins with dividers
  • Plastic quarter trays

Loading Diagrams

We create drawer interiors that match up with your storage items. Some of the most popular drawers are partition and divider Loading Diagrams. All you need to do is determine the number of compartments you will need; leave the rest to us. Each drawer can be designed with a custom Loading Diagram.


Partitions & Dividers

Create your own drawer layouts with custom partitions and dividers. Both are available in solid steel or aluminum and can be crafted in any length and width required.



Drawer Accessories

Drawer accessories will make your job easier. Find tools and parts quickly and store them with the accessories needed. We provide the following drawer accessories.

Custom Foam Inserts

Tools will not go missing when you can spot them with ease and efficiency. Custom foam inserts are cut to fit the exact shape of the stored item, which means you can see exactly where objects need to be returned. They are a highly recommended for use in mobile storage cabinets.


Plastic Bins & Dividers

Plastic bins and dividers provide simple and complete organization with easy to use dividers. They are perfect for use with small parts and pieces. Each bin can be labeled with snap on plastic bin labels so you can count, sort and handle parts with ease.




Latches will keep drawers from opening while in transit and are specifically designed for use with mobile cabinets.

Ball Bearing Slides

Rack International ball bearing drawer slides can capacitate up to 200lbs. They offer vast improvement in drawer smoothness and are available in four different drawer widths and two depths. Traditional slides and ball bearing slides can be combined within the same cabinet configuration.

Plastic Quarter Trays

Plastic quarter trays are divided into 20 equal-sized compartments and only use a quarter of standard drawer space.

Label Holders

Instant identification is a snap with snap on label holders. They attach directly onto drawer dividers and come with vinyl shields and paper labels.

Adhesive Backed Label Holders

Superior adhesive allows these label holders to stick where you need them. Keep your compartments organized with our adhesive backed label holders.

Hanging File Frames

Hanging file frames come with two letter-size steel frames and one file divider, allowing for two rows of hanging files.

Card Trays

Card trays store up to 10,000 cards and are available in five frequently used card sizes.

Plastic Groove Trays & Dividers

Each tray uses one-fifth of the space inside a standard drawer and can be organized compartmentally with groove tray dividers and labeled accordingly with groove tray divider label holders. Label holders include protective vinyl shields and paper labels. Plastic groove trays and dividers are available in three convenient sizes.

Drawer Bottom Liners

Drawer bottom liners offer the protection you need for delicate tools and instruments.

Drawer Bottom Posts

Bottom posts will prevent items with center holes from moving around in the drawer and are especially effective for managing milling cutters and grinding wheels. Each bottom post includes wood screws and paper labels. Adapter bushings can be used to change the diameter of your drawer bottom posts.

Drawer Locks

Drawer locks provide added security and peace of mind. Rack International uses a heavy duty locking system to protect your valuable inventory. Options include:

  • Security drawer locks
  • Individual drawer padlocks
  • Lock-in/Lock-out latches
  • Multiple cabinet locks
  • Standard drawer locks
  • Hinge lock bars