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Cantilever Arm Trolley

This trolley unit utilizes a cantilever arm, and is faced with rubber to protect materials with delicate finishes.

Bulk Order Picking Trolley

This open-fronted mobile stillage is used for the order picking of automotive spare parts ranging from gaskets to complete door panels. The unit is fitted with castors in a diamond formation to allow easy rotation in gangways when required. The stillage is also stackable at the load consolidation point.

Reel Trolley

This versatile trolley is designed to accommodate from 1 to 4 varying sizes of reeled materials, including paper or plastic reels. It can be used for both inter-operational storage and for transportation between stages of production, from presses to finishing equipment. Controlled by a tow hitch ideal for small tug units, the trolley can store up to 4000kg of reels.