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Shelf Cabinets

Bulky boxes of gloves, cloths, rags and other supplies clutter the work area. Relocate those excess materials from valuable work surfaces and floor space to Rack International’s heavy duty enclosed and door-less shelf cabinets. Enclosed cabinets are equipped with magnetic catches and optional locks to keep doors solid and secure.

Our shelf cabinets are designed with interoperability in mind, so they are built to the same dimensions as standard drawer storage cabinets, enabling complete integration of shelf and drawer cabinets. Additionally, shelf cabinets can be readily converted to drawer cabinets at your discretion.

Enclosed and door-less shelf cabinets are built in numerous popular reconfigurations and sizes.  Or we can custom build to your specifications.


Mesh Doors

Rack International’s shelf cabinets can be configured with visibility enhancing mesh doors. Excellent applications include storage where increased airflow is needed to help evaporate moisture or provide ventilation to heat generating items. Mesh doors are available for all sizes of shelf storage cabinets.