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QUADLOCK Heavy Duty - H Series racking

Racking Uprights manufactured from RSJ, plated on both sides for added strength.

Positive location of Arm. Does not rely on operator tightening nuts or inserting pegs.

Arms manufactured from structural steel section.

Adjustment without tools.

Double locking prevents accidental knocking out of arm.

For additional safety, when adjusted, all arms are on the same level, thus ensuring that over-loading of individual arms does not occur.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks store long, hard to handle items - bars, tubing structural sections, even sheet, plate and heavy tooling.

Completely modular. Easy to assemble with unskilled labour. Notches are on nominal 150mm centres, giving you up to 28 levels per 3 metre of rack height. The arms are fully interchangeable and can be moved as often as need to accommodate changing load sizes.

Standard uprights in the H Series have up to 10,000 kilogram capacity. This flexibility and capacity means, for instance, that with uprights on 1200mm centres you can store 40,000 kilogrammes in just 5 sq. metres of floor space.

Arm in position

Grip and lift vertically

First rotation to remove bottom loading bar

Second rotation to remove top loading bar