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Mini Mezzanines

Rack International’s Mini Mezzanine systems are fully modular allowing for reconfiguration, as often as necessary even when loaded to maximum capacity. Our Mezzanine systems are the pinnacle of super duty storage solutions.

Because we engineered our Mezzanine systems with expansion in mind you will be able to grow your configuration alongside of your facility requirements. Additionally, Rack International’s pass through modules enable you to structure the system around existing space requirements and traffic patterns. The most basic of mezzanine systems consists of five modules which bolt together through predrilled access points.

The basic mezzanine configuration:

  1. Two cabinets create the mezzanine’s top and bottom
  2. A middle shelf cabinet provides height and space for overflow inventory
  3. The walkway support system rack slides into each upper level cabinet
  4. Heavy duty grating drops into place like ceiling tiles
  5. Stairs and railings for access and safety

The Mini Mezzanine System requires no walkway or grating system and can be configured with any cabinets. The Micro Mezzanine System is created with two rows of stacked storage cabinets plus stairs, railings, and a walking mat placed over lower row of cabinets.