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Janmak Ro-Ro Racking

The Janmak Ro-Ro is designed for the storage of press tools, mould tools, dies etc. It is used in conjunction with a die cart - C/W scissor lift to horizontally load - to unload tools from machine to rack and from rack to machine. The Janmak Ro-Ro system is modular and may be adjusted or extended to meet changing requirements.

Each bay is constructed using a structural steel framework with connecting beam for support. Each level of has a roller bed that is specifically designed for the stored item and can accommodate loads of up to 15,000 kg for a massive 45,000 kg per bay unit. Because of such large loads, Rack specifically designed spring loaded front stops that automatically engage and disengage when tools are being loaded and unloaded via die cart. This ensures operator safety and improves control over the rack and your tools.