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The Haz-Mat Stak Racking System has been specifically designed to allow you to safely store and retrieve drums of hazardous materials. Drums are no longer kept on the floor but instead are moved into their own dedicated system, eliminating the necessity for forklift trucks. With either a dedicated drum handler or quick change forks, the Haz-Mat Stak is easy to operate and significantly reduces the delays and accidents associated with forklift handling.

Drums are stored 1 meter within the racking system and remain visible, ensuring that they are not jostled during the regular running of your company, and allowing for visual checks to avoid potential problems. The system has been engineered for safety and ergonomic operations; all of the system's moving parts are spark resistant, and the pneumatic hoist is ideal for the safe handling of most flammables, combustibles and explosives.

Total segregation and secondary containment can be incorporated as an option to any system.