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Glide-Out and Glide-Out HD

Glide-Out Demo

Glide-Out racking is easily handled by one person and is equipped with an automatic locking system for operational safety. Its modular design means that it can be added to or adjusted as required, and consists of a starter bay and extension bays.

Conventional racking systems tend only to use the front of the shelf, because of the difficulty in accessing equipment stored further back. This opens the door to accidents whilst transferring loads from the rack. Our system eliminates this danger and also reduces handling problems by giving access to the shelf area via cranes and monorails. Glide-Out racking increases safety, reduces handling times by up to 80% and can cut your storage unit's footprint by half.



Glide-Out Heavy Duty Demo

Three shelf configurations are available: Standard Single Entry which can be extended up to 63% in one direction, Double Entry shelves which can be extended up to 63% in two directions, and Superglide 2, a two-stage extending system which gives 100% access to the shelf area.

This racking system is ideal for the safe and secure storage and handling of expensive and hard to store dies, mould tools, jigs and fixtures, electric motors, and valves. The shelves may also be manufactured with wood or plastic faces or incorporate special clamping devices and edge guards.

If you need something more robust, the Glide-Out HD line provides the same security or storage with added capacity. It gives you the ability to store up to 5,000kg per shelf, powered by electric actuators, or to include fixed shelves with a capacity of up to 5,000kg.