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The Glide-In "Push Back" Storage System Makes it easy

Glide-In storage is unequaled for productivity, selectivity, density, and economy. It is a perfect solution is the system of choice for new or reconditioned warehouse applications.

How it works

The glide-in system is placed on inclined rail system with the first pallet placed on a the top but pushed back, allowing exposure to the next cart for loading. When the second pallet is pushed back, then the next cart is ready for loading. This pattern continues until all pallet positions are filled. The last pallet sits on the rail itself.

When the front pallet is removed, gravity does the rest of the work by moving the remaining pallets toward the front for easy access.

Glide-In Features

  • Patented Enveloping Card Design
    All the cards have welded cross members to support weak or damaged pallets. The carts envelope each other to make each cart readily accessible.
  • Unique Wheel Design
    For easy flow and propber tracking, each glide-in wheil is treated with a light, but durable, aircraft lubricant capable of working in extreme temperatures and environments.
  • Track Design
    These hot rolled structural steel sections are installed with a gradual pitch. This incline, together with the low friction wheels, ensures a safe and controlled operation.
  • Bolted Rack Connections
    To achieve maximum rigidity, strengh, and proper alignment, connections are bolted between uprights, shelf beams, track and bracing.
  • Sytem Design
    The standard components of most Drive-In storage systems can be retrofitted to accomodate our glide-in system.
  • Level Carts
    Because all carts are level, loads can be filled parallel to the floor for easy fork truck operation.
  • Non-Level Carts
    Where there are height limitations, non-level carts provide reduced stacking height for an overall lower system.