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Clamp Cantilever Storage

Versatile, Compact Storage of Long Items and Flat Sheets

Because of its The Clamp Cantilever is an unmatched storage solution for its space-saving adjustability, accessbility, and durability. Most rack systems use sockets that are measured in balanced increments to lock their arms in place, but the infinitely adjustable arms of the clamp system can be placed exactly where you need them.

No other manufacturer can boast these features:

  • Unlimited adjustability
    You determine the exact position you need.
  • Maximum storage density
    No vertical space wasted.
  • 100% abuse resistant structural steel
    Ideal for high traffic environments
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Fast Assemply and reassembly
  • Heights of 50' or greater
  • Capacities of 250'000 lbs. or more
  • Storage on one or two sides.