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Adjust-A-Arm is a versatile and adaptable cantilever bar racking system. It is supplied in standard units complete with uprights, arms, bracings, and fastenings. The M-Series' single- and double-sided uprights are 2 or 3 meters, standard, spaced at one meter centers. The arms, each half a meter long, are fitted with fixed end stops, and are adjustable on 150mm centers.

These easy-to-install, user friendly racking systems are rated to 500kg per arm, with the uprights rated at 4000-8000kg. The arems are adjustable with a single tool, no bolts to tighten or pegs to place, and can be adjusted without removing other arms. And the positively locked arms eliminate slippage, securing your loads exactly where you want them.

The H-Series Adujust-A-Arm is the heavy duty version of the M-Series. It is a larger system, with single and double sided uprights between 3 and 7 meters, standard, and arms spanning 1.2 meters. The capacities of these robust racks can carry up to 12,000kg for the single-sided uprights, and as much as 24,000 for the double-sided system. Best of all, the same rules apply as with the M-Series: easy adjustment with a single tool, positive locking, and studry structural steel composition.